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Motorbike navigation

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nlflag2.gif (6072 bytes)What can you expect on this web site? 

On this site you will find two subjects for the time being. First of all my pc-controlled milling machine and itīs possibilities. Engraving, milling wood, plastics and aluminium with a self built and designed machine. The second subject describes the way I built a navigation system on my motorbike (Kawa GTR1000 with GPS).

Keep on reading my home page! Hopefully youīll get enthousiastic. And please read the disclaimer / general warnings too.

Eventually donīt forget to send me an e-mail and let me know what you think. Constructive critisism is always welcome!

PC controlled milling machine

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Computertechniques have always been of great interest to me. Not just how to build a simple program. There has to "happen" something physically. Thatīs what I like.

Nowadays you can get a lot of pc-controlled equipment, but most of this is very expensive. And thus the final products are expensive as well. Not to mention the inflexibility you are confronted with. Both design and product have to be made by the final manufacturer. Very expensive, especially when you want something to be made by a manufacturer as a consumer.

Computer Numeric Control then. With this Iīve been spending a lot of my spare time. The result is (IMHO) very satisfying: a low-cost machine, which also achieves good accuracies. And what about the product design? You just make it yourself, at home behind your own pc.......


Motorbike with a navigation system

(Kawasaki GTR1000 / Concours with a Psion 5MX and a Garmin GPS)

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Gain recognition? The users of the Concours know what Iīm talking about: a reliable motorbike which is available on the market since 1986. In 1994 it got a little face-lift. In the year 2000 itīs still available. One more year to go, and this bike will be in the Guiness Book of Records as the longest manufactured bike ever.

Try to compare the Concours great capabilities with itīs favourable price. Then youīll know why itīs my ideal bike. Not just for holidays, but also for my spare time and my daily home- work traveling (and back too, of course :).

Riding a Concours I do with great pleasure. As long as Iīm familiar with the route, anyway. When one rides on a road unknown to me it is quite different: just try and find your destination fast without a (good) local map.

Global Position System was the solution to me. An electronic version of a roadmap is a simplest explanation of this GPS-term. On the following pages you can read the way I applied this system on my bike.